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Jewellery in a Day is suitable for all abilities and is designed to enable you to create a finished piece of jewellery of your choosing, in a single workshop.


You can work on separate projects, tailored to your own tastes! To get the most from your session, it's advised you work with the same basic techniques

Feel free to email me any questions or ideas.


I specialise in helping complete beginners achieve professional results in a single session, all by themselves. Jewellery to be proud of and new skills to boost your confidence.


I strive to make my classes as inclusive as possible, covering as many learning styles and abilities as possible. I pride my studio on being a safe, supportive environment.


You don't need to know in advance what you would like to make. There are lots of sample pieces and inspirational images in the studio to help you create your own designs.


Do you have a specific aim, budget or need? The joy of private tuition is the session can be fully tailored to you.

The beauty of private tuition is that all sessions can be planned to deliver what you want when you want it and at whatever level you need.

'JEWELLERY IN A DAY' - the perfect choice for beginners and those at the start of their jewellery making journey. These sessions will enable you to make a lovely piece of jewellery ‘in a day’, inspired by a wide range of samples and techniques. You will learn to measure, cut, texture and form metal, then solder it all together and include embellishments such as pre-cut shapes and a gemstone if you wish. If you wish to create a piece that requires a large amount of silver or extra gemstones, these can be purchased on the day.

'TECHNICAL TUITION' is designed for those who have previous experience. Perhaps you'd like to learn a new skill or troubleshoot an area you have been struggling with. Materials are not included in these sessions as the materials needed are very specific to your aims for the session. Many students bring their own materials or there will be a selection available to buy on the day if required. If this is your first time silversmithing, I would recommend booking the 'Jewellery in a Day' option above. If you wish to work on something very specific, please contact Kim at least a week in advance to make sure it is possible to cover the techniques you are interested in and we have the materials required.

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