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Online Tutorials

#12monthsofmetal is a year’s worth of free silversmithing tutorials, starting with the very, very basics. I wanted to create something so you can build up your tools and jewellery making skills in a fun and accessible way.


Many people feel they can’t make jewellery at home due to the cost and amount of kit required but in #makeitmonth1 I show you all the things you can make with an old hammer, nail and a pair of tin snips. Each month builds on the skills from the previous month, allowing you to build your tool collection slowly and in response to the things you actually enjoy making.


I originally posted these tutorials throughout 2019 on my Instagram account and you can find the posts by searching the hashtag #12monthsofmetal however, Kernowcraft, one of the UKs most popular Jewellery Making Suppliers kindly compiled my project on their blog and youtube channel, providing a one-stop shop so you to view all the videos for free and revisit the project as and when you wish.