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Jewellery Tools & Supplies - Second Hand Sale & Swap

Sunday 23rd June 10 am - 2 pm at Orchard Workshop - Kingswood - Bristol

Join us at Orchard Jewellery Workshop, Kingswood, Bristol, and be part of our vibrant community of local jewellery makers. This is not just a de-stashing event, but a unique opportunity to connect with fellow makers, share your experiences, and give tools, gemstones and supplies a new lease of life!

After a recent studio move and 25 years collecting jewellery tools, gemstones, books and supplies, it's time to have a little de-stash and find new homes for my underused stash.

Now that fellow tool magpie Genevieve has joined the Orchard Workshop Tutoring Team we would love to invite you to join us!

Bring - Buy - Trade - Talk

Jewellery Tools - Gemstones - Materials - Books - Relevant Resources

Come along and find a bargain or make some money from the things you no longer use!

Addicted to gemstones? Why not sell or swap them with other local makers?

Want to talk shop? Come and meet other makers and swap tool tips and advice.

Sunday 23rd June 10 am - 2 pm at Orchard Workshop, Kingswood, Bristol

Please read below for full details of the day, workshop address, and directions, as it can be tricky to find on your first visit.

If You're Looking To Buy:

The sale will be from 11 am to 2 pm on Sunday, June 23rd, at Make it with Kim, Orchard Workshop, Kingswood Estate, Britannia Rd, Kingswood, Bristol BS15 8DB.

For anyone new to the workshop, please see the directions and map below.

There will be a selection of jewellery tools, gemstones, materials, and jewellery books available, as well as teas and coffees for anyone who would like to stay a little longer and get to know other local makers.

Many sellers will accept card or online payments, but it is recommended you bring cash for any sellers who can't offer this option.

If You're Looking To Sell:


This is a free event, but donations to the studios biscuit fund are always greatly appreciated as refreshments will be provided on the day. There is a biscuit money box in the studio as well as a paypal qr code for any donations.

Setting Up

If you only wish to sell or swap a couple of items, please bring them along from 11 am and place them in the collection.

However, if you wish to sell more items, we advise you to show up at least 20 minutes before the sale opens at 11 am to get yourself set up.

The workshop will be open from 10:00 am for anyone bringing heavier or substantial items so that you can unload more easily. Please get in touch with Kim at to arrange things. If you want a dedicated area for your jewellery supplies, please email in advance so we can work out space for everyone.

Pricing Work

It is entirely up to you how much you price each item and whether or not you are open to swapping or bargaining. Ensure your tools and supplies are clearly labelled with your name and a visible price, even if you are happy to accept a lower one.

If you are unsure about pricing, quickly browse websites like eBay to see what other people are selling similar tools for. If you are unsure what some of your tools or supplies are, Kim and the team will be on hand to advise on the day.

Taking Payment

To help ensure that everyone is paid for any sales, please clearly label each item with your name and price. Orchard Jewellery Workshop is not liable for your items, so please watch your things during the day.

The studio has easily accessible WiFi for anyone wishing to take online payments, whether using your own card machine, PayPal, or bank transfer. If you plan to use PayPal and don't regularly take sales payments this way, we advise you to familiarise yourself with PayPal's terms and conditions of selling.

If you only wish to take cash payments, you must have your own float to provide change.

If someone needs cash, the nearest cash points are a 10-minute walk away on Kingswood High Street.

Unfortunately, Orchard Workshop cannot take any payments on other people's behalf.

At the End of the Sale

The sale closes at 2 pm, and sellers will have until 3 pm to pack away.

If you have any unwanted tools that do not sell, you are welcome to leave them at the studio to be donated to 'Tools for Self Reliance'. The Bristol Volunteers group of Tools for Self Reliance is at the Kingswood Museum. They have been collecting and refurbishing tools to provide kits suitable for carpenters, builders, mechanics, tailors, and blacksmiths in Africa since 2002. You can read more about it here

Children and Dogs

Children and dogs are welcome to visit on the day. However, dogs must be kept on a short lead in the workshop and on the Kingswood Estate. Children should be made aware that touching the items in the workshop could be unsafe, as many tools and materials are sharp, and some supplies could be toxic or acidic. Orchard Workshop can not take any responsibility for injuries arising from people or animals misusing tools and supplies.


The Estate has a free car park, and all surrounding streets have unrestricted parking. Disabled parking is available near the workshop entrance. If you need to park your car closer to unload, please arrange this with Kim at so we can ensure access isn't blocked for others.


We look forward to seeing you at the Tools Sale!

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